Midnight Lightning


In 1978, a group of us climbers living in Camp 4 (Yosemite) came across a boulder problem that became world-famous, known as Midnight Lightning. We had all walked past the problem many times, never imagining it possible until one day, we just began trying. With youthful enthusiasm, the group began a series of moves up the overhanging smooth rock wall that required literally jumping through mid-air to what is known as the “Bolt Hold” – a handhold resembling a lightning bolt, hence we named it after the Jimi Hendrix song. We all felt the sense of exhilaration in just attempting this, knowing that it was leading us to the next level of difficulty that was yet to come. After 4 months of off and on effort, I was the first one to pull over the lip and complete the climb, which to this day has had an effect on my personal sense of place and history, within the climbing community, throughout the world. Every climbing season, climbers from all over the world arrive in Yosemite and work on this problem. For over 30 years, Midnight Lightning has continued to evoke innumerable conversations and sharing of mutual stoke and inspiration generated by its challenges. It’s this kind of challenge that continues to motivate and inspire our non-profit, SacredRok, to work with youth to find their potential through their imagination and enthusiasm to accomplish what’s possible.