Sacred Rok sincerely appreciates the support and collaboration with these amazing companies, foundations, and individuals.

Top of the Rock, $15,000 and above

Clif Bar Family Foundation


The North Face

Sponsors, $5,000- $15,000

A.C. Israel Foundation

Partners, $500-$5,000

Community Foundation of Merced County

Lisa Carroll

Laurel and Eric Gunderson

Heather Kirkpatrick and Rob Reich

William B Long

Jacqueline Madison

Beth Ogilvie and Susan Straghalis

United Way of Merced County

Yosemite Conservancy

Patty Payne-Zajac and Mark Zajac

Supporters, $100-$500

Seth Alberta

Randy Baltazar

Mary Bender and Charley Hoyt

Linda Berg

Susan and Tony Brochini

Ruth and Fred Brousseau

Mary Swick Cooley and Brian Cooley

Michal Danek

Dave and Sue Ellis

Maryam Etezadi-Amoli

Nancy Goodban and Kenji Hakuta

Elaine Hausman

Hilary Hopkins

Isis Keigwin

Annette Leifer

Jean and Andrew Long

Michael Maher

Milbrey McLaughlin and Larry Klein

Christophe Pfistner

Philip Purvis

Helen and Dan Quinn Family Fund

Arnold and Marvina Rampersad

Renee Shahrok

Teresa Sheridan

Carolyn V Sunnyshine

James Valensi

Dana Vidrine

Elizabeth Weal and Bruce Hodge

Dennis Yonemura 

Friends, up to $100

Active Family Chiropractic

Frank Aoyama

Mike Arechiga

Jean and Randy Bjerke

Alice and Doug Brown

Gail Bruce

Ronna Bucelli

John Butler

Rebecca Callahan

Phil Caterino

Pairou Chen

Traci M Closson

Lynne and Gary Cutlip

Debbie Delatour

Meg Durbin and Clint Lewis

Nancy Dyar and Tom Higgins

Judith Fierstein

Janet Goodban

Nadine and Alan Goodban

Laura Gutmann

Virginia and Lamar Henderson

Sheila Herb

Kyle Howe

Scott Johns

Jeanne M Kelly

Heidi Kloster and Diego Roman

Katherine Konner

Linda and Stephen Lansdowne

Daniel Lauer

Jim Lundeen

Leslie McLean and Jack Krause

Ann Mueller and Gordon Goodban

Patrick Nance

Kent Newbold

Jonathan Osborne

Donna Piedrafita

Tracey Roberts

Judy and Stephen Rock

Melody J Ross

Anna and Raffaele Ruberto

Sylvia Seymour

Sandra Stewart

Eleanore Suranne

Denise Tarasuk

TechSongIT Consulting

Cathy Tseng

Osvaldo Verduzco

Sharon and Frank Viggiano

Liz Weal

Steven and Anke Weiss

Christopher Wesselman

Camille Whitney