We achieved our #GivingTuesday goal!

We raised $15,000 on #GivingTuesday, thanks to the wonderful Sacred Rok community!

The funds will support the purchase of a new vehicle. We are looking forward to expanding our services to provide aftercare for young people who have exited from Juvenile Hall, through transportation to Yosemite to share day trips and the ceremony of nature with Ron.

We had $7,500 in matching donations, which matched $7,500 in donations received for the campaign. That means that the value of every donation was doubled. One of our donors said, "This is an affirmation of the good work that Ron and the Sacred Rok team are doing." 

Thank you to the Sacred Rok community.  We did not do this alone - it took all of us to do it together.

- The Sacred Rok Board - Ron, Nancy, Kenji, Brian, Lamar, Lucy, Milbrey, and Steve

And here is what Ron and the Bear Creek Academy youth were doing on #GivingTuesday - they are why we are here.